How to setup Map menu

Hey everyone,

I’m interested in using the map menu for a course I’m developing. The menu seems to be have been updated since the how to video in 2016 -

I’m wondering if anyone is currently using it and how you’ve gone about setting it up.

My main sticking point is the background image. I don’t understand why you’re able to not only drag it around but also move it completely off the window. I was expecting the main image to just cover the background and then give you the ability to scroll as you reduce the width of the screen.

Does anyone know if there is any up to date information on how to set it up as intended?

Thanks very much


Hi Alex,

I think this may be an old post, but thought I would reply to anyway.

I also do not understand why the backgound image of the Map Menu would be draggable. But I presume it may be so that the buttons are accessible on a mobile.

What I’d love to see it the Map menu change to a more suitable menu for a mobile phone.

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I am also curious about the dragable background image as I need it for mobile use.

Also I have a quesion:
How can I visualise progress for the users in combination with the map menu? (not on the page, but on the course). I pinned some locations on a schoolmap, which link to social mcq questions. It would be nice if users could see what location they allready visited.

Many thanks