How to remove footer 'bar' on map menu

Hi! I’ve played around with settings- footer, menu style etc, and managed to change the colour- but cannot remove the bar at the bottom of the map menu- screenshot included. The circled bit is what I want to remove.

Hi Melissa, do you have the Branding extension enabled? That’s the first thing to check. If you disable it, the bar will disappear.

Hi Sam, thanks for your response. I do have the Branding extension enabled…I still want the copyright and logo…is there no other way to remove the bar? Thanks!

Actually, looking at the screenshot again, I can see the copyright message and what looks like it might be the logo - so maybe its not the branding extension causing it. It’s hard to tell without looking at the course.

Are you able to see the menu page via this link? Would love to solve this soon! Thanks.

Melissa, one of our devs figured it out - its the achievement extension. The bar would normally be populated with content if you had badges, points or lives enabled. Hope that helps!

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