Remove the 'mysterious' section underneath the footer

Hi! Happy Friday!

I would really appreciate your help on this one. What is the white bar/block under the page navigation. I have it on evey page, including the playlist menu.


Happy Friday! That looks like the copyright box.

Check if you have the Branding extension turned on. If so that will be it. If you don’t need it, turn it off.

If is on because you do need it (for the logos etc) then just theme your copyright section away - in Theme > Extensions > Branding you can remove the paddin, box shadow, max width etc there.

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Yes, I do have it on! Sorry, I am a fresher! :slight_smile: THANKS!

No apology needed!

Very easy to do when you are trying things out, to leave them on if not needed.

We all learn though experience!

Best, Helen