Hiding menu 'action bar'

Hi all,

I’m creating a course that uses the Achievements extension. As a result, on the front/menu page, there is a bar that appears that shows the users’ achievement score (in my case, points). Is there any way to disable this bar, as I don’t want it on the home page, and it’s just creating an unnecessarily large chunk of space if I simply change everything to white to hide it that way? Using chrome’s page inspector, I can see that the bar is labelled as the action bar but I can’t find anywhere in the course settings or styles to disable it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Andy,

I think I’ve found it. There’s a setting in the theme that you need to disable.

Theme > Extensions > Achievements > “Hide Achievements on Menu Headers”. Select that toggle and it should disappear from your menu.

Screenshot of where to find it below.


James, you are an absolute superstar, that’s done the trick! Thank you so much!


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