Playlist menu customisation and about section

I have a 4 page course. I am using a playlist menu.

  1. Is there an option to change the size of the tiles in the playlist menu? I found options to change the font colour and size, but not tile size.
  2. Where can I adjust the padding around the ‘view’ button on each tile?
  3. I was trying to add About extension - I have been playing around with some lorem ipsum and images but it is not appearing anywhere in the course :(.
  4. Is there an option to add some sort of title page?


Hi there, with regards to point 3 - is the extension definitely enabled? (Its sometimes easy to work away on an extension without actually enabling). If it is, it only appears as a separate page accessible from the side menu, it doesn’t create content within the course pages. Make sure you dont have Theme > Navigation > Hide Side Menu toggled on.


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Hi Sam. Just from reading your comment, I know I have definitely ‘Hide Side Menu’ toggled on. Thank you so much!

No problem - Having checked with our developers, I’m afraid the answer is currently no to the other 3 questions. For the tile size, they adjust their dimensions in order to fit the space

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Sam! Thank you so much for checking with the developers!

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