Can't update the Menu Item background color


I Can’t update the Menu Item background color. Do you know any other option?

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Hi Shoval,

Just click that little plus sign to add a colour!



Thank you!
Is there any option to remove the Menu page from the course?

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Hi there,

you can go to Course Settings on the left (gear-icon) => Navigation => Navigation Bar and right on the top enable Hide Course Menu. Once enabled, the first page of the course will be displayed. The menu however is still available via Dashboard. And it is recommended to activate Footer Navigation to switch from page to page.

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Hey Thank you!

I also have just tried to leave only one page and then it is the first page of the user view.

Besides that (if you consider to use a menu) you can take a look to the tab Menu (Screenshot from my last post). There are different types of menus you could use instead of the Standard Menu. Maybe the Standard Menu just not fits with what you want to do and another menu could be more interesting for you.

Yes, I will go over it. Thank you so much for all your help!