How can I remove/hide the hamburger menu from a project

Hi. Is anyone able to tell me how I can remove the hamburger menu icon from a course? I have a really simple course - in fact, it’s more of a presentation of information than a course, as there are no interactive elements, assessment, scoring etc. So I just want to keep it really clean and simple.

I wish to keep the icon that, when clicked, shows a simple table of contents. But the hamburger icon serves no purpose - when you click on it, a blank panel slides into view. So ideally I just want to remove it. Thanks all.

Navigate here:

Theme > Navigation
and disable ‘use Hamburger menu’


Thanks, can’t believe it was that simple. However, and I have come across this challenge before, am I right in saying it will remove the hamburger menu from all courses that use the same theme? That will be a problem if so. Is there any advice you can give on how I switch to a different theme, one that keeps all the other settings and design choices the same, but just allows me to remove the hamburger menu for this one course/presentation?

Hi there,

it’s exactly as you say - if you change something in the theme, that change will be applied to all courses using the theme.
If you want to avoid that, you need to make a copy of your current theme.

Got to Themes > create theme.
You will be prompted to set a Theme Starting Point for the new theme. So if you choose your current theme as a starting point, this newly created theme will have the same configurations as your current one.

Remember to change your course’s theme to the newly created theme before making any changes:
course > theme > general > select theme

hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much. That is massively helpful - I was concerned I would need to create a new theme manually and go through every possible setting to make it match the original theme I was using. This trick has saved me a lot of work and worry, so many thanks indeed for your kind help.