Loader : there seem to be a loading at each page, even if assets are already displayed

We have only recently used the page by page navigation.
We found something strange
There is a loading (with the loader animation) at the beginning of each page, even though the assets are already visible on the page. It also happen when we come back to a page that was already loaded and should be in the cache ?

  • Do you know if we can remove the loader animation alltogether (not just customize it) ?
  • Are there some components that take a longer time to load ? or logic ?

Thank you

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That’s a very good question. I’ll have a look into why that might be.

I wonder whether it is not due to the Infographics and interactive components. They are visible on the screen but yet, the loader is on. Maybe it is loading information such as feedbacks ?

Well for me it happened even when using quite basic components on the page. It’s supposed to wait until every component on the page declares itself ready - or give up after about 3 seconds. It feels a bit like it’s always doing the ‘giving up after three seconds’ thing - but I’ll need to do some digging to find out for sure.