Infographic Menu - Visited status not retained


We have used an infographic menu to create a course. As a learner visits each page, the visited state is marked. However, after the learner relaunches the course in LMS, the visited state is undone.

I think it should remain visited even after the leaner relaunches the course as the booking extension is enabled.

Can somebody please help here?

The Infographic is a component, not a menu so although it does let you link out to other content it has no functionality to show the progress of that content like the real menus do.

The only thing that might work would be to use Logic Variables in a creative manner, but it would be quite complicated to set up if you’ve not explored that part of Evolve before.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Infographic component unfortunately isn’t accessible - whereas both the standard menu and box menu are.

Thanks for your quick response, Matt.

I am aware of the logic variables in Evolve but not an expert. Can you please provide some guidance that would enable me to use logic variable to address the issue stated above?

Thanks in anticipation!

Sure, there’s a guide to using Logic here: Advanced Features : Intellum

I think you’d need to change the Infographic functionality slightly so that instead of relying on the ‘interacted state’ of the infographic item you instead reveal another item (e.g. the word ‘completed’ or a tick image or something) based on the value of a Logic Variable.

Also just to mention that it might be the case that you could get the Infographic working as is by enabling tracking via the Local Storage extension. I haven’t tried this myself but it’s worth you testing it out quickly

Any idea on how i can enable tracking via the Local Storage extension?

You just enable the extension in Extensions > Local storage.

Many thanks, Matt! It worked. Grateful to you for your help!