Infographic component

Does anyone know of a way to reset an infographic component to its initial state? In other words, after a learner has clicked through the infographic and displayed all the hidden items, is there a way to “restart” the infographic, with all hidden items re-hidden?

I can only think that you create a Rest button and attach to that the action to make all items hidden again. A pain if you have a lot of items I guess. Perhaps Evolve could add a rest functionality which takes you back to the first “frame” but I don’t think it works like Flash used to :slight_smile:

You’ll be pleased to know we are working on a reset functionality, can’t give you can exact date but it should be soon!

Reset functionality has now been added in v7.0.4. Infographic items can now reset all infographic items back to their original state using the “Reset Infographic” interaction type. This does not effect completion of the component.