Granularity of bookmarking

Hi - I’d like to understand better how Evolve/Intellum bookmark. In my past experience developers (using HTML and SCORM) could get pretty granular with bookmarking. SOmetimes Evolve seems random to me. For example, I just QA’ed a course where I interacted with various components on several pages, answered many MCQs, moved on to the next page, and then left the course. When I Resumed and choose to start from where I left off, much of my progress wasn’t retained. I had to respond to the many MCQs that I had already answered. I was able to repeat this experience several times. Is this a bug? Is there something we should do in Evolve (beyond using the Bookmarking extension) to ensure progress is saved? Thanks! P.S. I’m asking this because we’ll get tickets from learners who had to re-do work.

Hi @Anne_Cornwell assuming you’re publishing Evolve directly to the Intellum Platform (as opposed to publishing it as SCORM) then the level of tracking should be very granular indeed.

Typically our customers find the tracking on this setup to be more robust than SCORM on most other platforms. The only time we tend to see issues is when the user is doing something like leaving the course running for an inordinate amount of time or closing the entire browser down instead of just closing the course.

I would recommend you do some further testing and, if you’re sure there is an issue, log a ticket with Intellum Support so that we can look into it properly.

I would also say that if you were doing this testing on Monday (24th June) in the morning (US time) there were some technical issues on the platform that may have affected this.

FYI the bookmarking extension has nothing to do with what progress is tracked. Its primary function is to display a prompt when revisting a course that asks the learner if they’d like to be returned back to where they were last time they viewed the course. If you don’t enable the bookmarking extension, the tracking will still function fine - the only difference will be that the course will open at the main menu/start page.

Very interesting; thank you for the information about the Bookmarking extension. We do sync our Evolve courses to Intellum. I was testing Monday morning, but continued through Tuesday. I’ll re-test, make some screen recordings, and take out a ticket.