How to setup direct publish / sync between Evolve & Bloom LMS

With the release of Integration Publish it is now possible to direct publish or sync between one or more Evolve instances and a Bloom LMS

Below is an overview of the steps needed to use direct publish between Evolve and Bloom or to sync courses in Bloom with their Evolve instance.

Initial setup

This initial setup needs to be done once per Evolve/Bloom connection. It is possible to have a ‘one to many’ relationship between Evolve and Bloom. One Evolve instance could publish to many Bloom LMS instances and vice versa

  1. We recommend signing in to both your Evolve and Bloom instances as an administrator. This functionality is not available to anyone with a lower user level account.
  2. In Evolve navigate to Account Settings > Preferences > Integrations
  3. Copy the Instance URL and API Key fields.
  4. In Bloom navigate to Settings > Evolve
  5. On the Instances section click Add New Instance
  6. Name your instance.
  7. Paste in the Instance URL and API Key information that you copied in step 3 into the relevant fields (Instance URL and API key)
  8. In the Integration keys section copy the Instance URL and API key.
  9. In Evolve navigate to Account Settings > Preferences > Integrations
  10. Click Add Bloom Instance under Bloom instances.
  11. Name your instance
  12. Paste in the Instance URL and API Key information that you copied in step 5 into the relevant fields (Instance URL and API key).
  13. Click Test Instance to check the connection is established.

Sync courses in Bloom from Evolve.

  1. In Bloom navigate to the courses page. This is accessed via the hamburger menu and selecting Courses
  2. On the course listing page click the Sync all courses button.
  3. You can now choose to Sync all courses by clicking this button again. Should you only wish to Sync an individual course then clicking the Sync button on an individual course will sync that course to your Bloom instance.
  4. If the course cannot be found on the Evolve instance then you will receive an alert and are given the option to link to a different course to sync from.

Direct publish courses from Evolve to Bloom.

  1. In Evolve navigate to the course that you wish to publish to a Bloom instance.
  2. Click Publish
  3. On Publish screen select Bloom from the publish options.
  4. On the dropdown menu Select How Your Course Should Set A Status choose your completion option.
  5. From the list of your linked Bloom instances choose the one you wish to publish to.
  6. Click Publish
  7. If the course hasn’t already been published to your Bloom instance you will be prompted to create a new course or overwrite an existing one. Choose which suits your need.

We set this up two days ago and it’s working like a dream. We’re yet to try out the sync. of language versions, but if it is just a simple it’s a great time saver!

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Thanks Andy, we’re really pleased you’re finding it useful!