How to Export a Course from one Evolve instance to another?

By publishing a course from Evolve you are packaging up everything you need to import into another instance.

  1. Once you have published your course navigate to your other instance of Evolve.
  2. Click the Create Course button in the navigation. This button will now switch to a Import Course button. If you click this, you will now be able you to upload the published course into the new Evolve.
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Can you please clarify, do you publish it as LMS or BLOOM or… (in the options available under publish)?

Hello @enem - we would recommend LMS but all of them will work as imports.

I am sharing courses with a colleague in another office on a different license of Evolve. Is there a way to overwrite the original file, ie I created a course, exported it to her, she made changes and sent it back to me. At the moment I can’t import it as it tells me that it already exists.

Evolve won’t let you import a course with the same course ID as a course currently in your instance of Evolve or overwrite a course with the same ID. In your situation, the courses have the same ID. You can duplicate the course then export or you can delete the course on your instance and then import the updated shared course. Unfortunately, you can’t search for course IDs in Evolve, but if you’re sharing courses you’ll run into this problem.

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If you are struggling to find the course with the same ID (the course name might have been changed) there is a way to find it using the url and the course id (the course id can be found in the course.json file under “_id”).

Once you have located the course id, go and edit any course, then replace the current id in the url (between editor/ and /builder). This should take you to the course if it exists.

I think we can make this process a lot better by actually providing a link to the course if it already exists in the system when trying to upload.

Hi I have an issue with a message when exporting to an LMS, How can I change the language ?

@backupinterface Could you send a ticket into support with this issue, this seems like a bug.

Hi same issue happens again and again with the “display course pop up window”… is there a way to change the language into another one than English. It happens with all LMS except Bloom…