How to notify learners of new content in a previously completed course and, adapt learning journey accordingly

Hi all,

I build in Evolve and host in Exceed / Intellum. Can this system:

a) notice when a learner has already completed a course and inform them when new content is added to said course and,

b) adapt their learning journey to show only the new, relevant content?

There’s a manual workaround using pre-assessments so I’m wondering whether there is a more direct, automated solution.

Thanks for any thoughts on this!

@Max_C This kind of thing is really more the realm of xAPI and adaptive learning scenarios where that data is known to the system of record (LMS/LRS) and appropriate content selected or launched for the learner. I’ll let the Intellum folks respond, but I don’t think there’s anything the content can do on its own.

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Hi @Max_C , I suspect @Martin is right in his assessment of how this could be done, but I have reached out to colleagues on the Intellum Platform side and will let you know what they say.

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Hey, @Max_C, Are you using Letters in Exceed? The Completed or Any Completed trigger alongside Timing After Completion might do it. But there are two areas where it will fail. If you don’t know the exact date of the release of the new content, the Evolve course won’t adapt unless you use a “Have you done this before” button in the build for a self-declaration.

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Thanks @Andy_Moorman , my colleague suggested letters as you can see below:

@Max_C my intellum colleague said this:

" To my knowledge, the Platform does not automatically update learners when an Activity or Path has been updated. However, a good recommendation is to create a Letter Template for large course updates/improvements. The admin can then send the Letter to those with “Passed” enrollment status to let them know there’s been an update and to invite them back in. This is common practice when a certification expires or if a course receives a major update. For example, Hubspot Academy emailed me this year when my content marketing certificate expired and when they added a major social learning piece. However, they have not emailed me over small updates/changes.

Regarding B: Some ideas…

  • Learners can follow “Topics” to get notified when new activities or paths have been added.
  • Send a Letter to this with “Passed” enrollment status to inform of the additions/changes to the course."

Hope this helps! Cheers-Sam

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Thanks all, this is helpful.

Letters are a great idea for automating the updates and I’ll use these ideas on adapting content to design my final approach.


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