Looking to speak with Evolve users about help guides/training!

Hi everyone!

I’m a long-term Evolve user but also now the Learning Experience Designer for Evolve and my task is to help everyone who uses Evolve to get the training and help they need in the best way possible.

The Evolve team have done a great job so far creating materials, videos, guides and the Academy, but as Evolve grows and develops we want to make sure that the content is easy to access, up to date and designed for your needs.

If you would be willing to have a roughly 30 minute interview with me to talk about the existing training, how you use evolve and find help, and any thoughts on our redesign of training provision, please do get in touch. I’ll be happy to answer any Evolve questions I can for you too in return.

If you’d like to chat with me, simply reply to this DM, or email me on hbailey@intellum.com.

I will also be producing a short questionnaire to send out for those who don’t have the time for a full chat but would like to put in their thoughts.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!

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I’d be happy to chat with you. I am fairly new to Evolve so I do have some feedback.
You can contact me at jen@altvia.com


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Hi, I will send you an email!

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Hi Helen, congratulations on the role. Happy to have a chat.


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Hi I’d be happy to have a chat, I’m fairly new to Evolve and it has been an enormous learning curve so happy to share some of my experiences, will message you,


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Would be great to chat Helen - I will email you now too.

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Hi Helen,

I’d be happy to discuss this with you as well. I have a number of things that we could provide feedback on.

You can contact me at work@allancollins.me



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Thanks Alan - email received I will be in touch next week.

A big thank you to everyone I have spoken to so far it has been a pleasure to meet members of the Evolve community and learn about your work with Evolve and your training thoughts.

Definitely up for the questionnaire, but unfortunately don’t have the time for an interview at the moment (we are in the midst of platform migrations).

DM me for a contact email when you’re ready.

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I have feedback I’d like to provide on training resources: jessicarebstock@creatorup.com