Hotgraphic items not appearing in order

I am using hotgraphics in a carousel format. When we open the icon, the carrousel displays but it starts the display on the last item in the carrousel and not on the first item. Any help would be appreciated.

The only thing I can think of is that the items in a hotgraphic will appear in the order they have in the editor, independent of where they are positioned over the main image.

I would agree with jeregp here, the first thing to display will be the item that you click on in the picture, not the first one you have added. Can you pastes some screenshots if this is not what is happening?


I appreciate the comments, however, my question has to do with “hot-graphics “ not “info-graphics”.

Our answers do apply to Hot Graphic, having multiple items that appear as pins on the image means you have a list of them in the editor. Then when someone selects a pin from the interaction and sees the corresponding information, when they then move through the items they will be displayed in the same order you have them in the component, as below: