Swapping images when using a Hotgraphic

I’d like to have learners click steps along a path to follow a “process”.
Can Evolve swap out the hotgraphic once a hotspot is clicked?
Or is there a better way to indicate progress or show movement by highlight the path?

I’d be interested in any other solution or alternative that you can provide.

@barnetf do you mean changing the main hotgraphic image? This isn’t something you can currently do.

However here are a few possible alternatives

  • Have you tried the Flowchart component - this builds items down the page and each could have its own graphic.
  • The Branching component allows graphics and also has an integrated progress bar. It’s possible to build some pretty complex “choose your own adventure” style scenarios using this.
  • You could use the Branching video component perhaps.
    Finally the Progress Extension adds similar progress bar functionality.