Aligning hospots


I’m using the Hotgrahic component and have several hotspots I need to align nicely. I’m struggling to get this done using my mouse to move the hotspots around in the editor - I’ve tired zooming in on the browser and that helps a bit, but the alignment still isn’t perfect.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can fine tune placement?



Nick – this can be tough. Gridlines or finer adjustment would be a great enhancement. If I can, I try to create my graphics off-line and add the callouts and highlights to the original (with the correct layering and positioning) before importing to Evolve. Sometimes I’ll do two images; one base, the other just the highlights in case I need to change the image during production. But I know this workflow doesn’t work for some.


Have you used the double headed arrow on the settings colum to expand it? That’s the biggest you can go at the moment but I have discussed with the Devs about making it bigger.


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Depending on your needs you might find you can use an Infographic instead. It has a far better editing interface than Hotgraphic.

Thanks, that did allow me to zoom in a bit more.

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Thanks all.

Perhaps a feature request would be to add X and Y control to each hotspot?


Being able to move the hotspots using the arrow keys would help a lot.

When it comes to positioning the hotspots, I actually preferred the old version of Evolve as you could move all hotspots in one place, which made lining them up a lot easier. I would then use a Chrome extension called Grid Ruler to help me position them nicely.

If all hotspots appeared on each item, it makes it easier to line them up.

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