Hotgraphic Text Alignment


I am creating a hotgraphic and even though I have configured the Appearance in both the Hotgraphic block and each hotgraphic item so that the text is left-aligned, it stays center aligned within my actual course. Is this intended? A known bug? Is there something I am missing?

@norgish - Appearance would refer to theming - without knowing your specific course and setup this will be difficult to debug. Please contact support from inside your Evolve instance.

In the meantime, here’re a few things to look at:

Check on your Theme under Appearance > Component + Component Item - hotgraphic takes its styling from here.

Also, check to see if you have an Article Style applied, this will override global Component & component Item styling.

Checkout for more in-depth (and free) training.

Thank you.

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I found the same issue, I believe I reported to Support. The work around is to change the text to centered in each hot graphic and then back to left justified. I have found that it then holds to left-aligned. Annoying but at least it works.

Thanks! Trying your workaround didn’t work but selecting Align Justify did.

Thank you for creating the Force Left Align button!:grinning:


You’re welcome @Agiloft