eLearning refreshers

We are working on updating our compliance e-learning training refreshers. we have multiple courses that require annual refreshers. this is set up on our LMS currently so the colleague needs to re-complete the entire course.

We want to change from having to do all the content again to simply having a knowledge test! If the answers are correct then they don’t do the rest of the course (and it shows complete) but if they do the quiz and fail then they will have to review the whole learning!

Our current LMS has some challenges to set this up so I’d like to revamp the training package itself within the SCORM File… Can anyone share with me if there’s a simple way to add a front page to elearning where it states something like “I’m new” and “I need to refresh” then logic takes them straight to a quiz, if they fail it takes them back to the course and if they pass it marks the course complete.

Many thanks

Hi @Emmac009 , I think that would be reasonably straightforward to set up with logic. Firstly, you would want to set the ‘old’ course content as hidden. Not sure whether it makes sense to hide the assessment at that point or not, prob doesn’t matter too much.

You could have a trigger set up linked to action buttons - one button for new, one for existing. If a learner clicks new, one logic trigger (using the Event ‘action button clicked’) un-hides all the content and they proceed. If the learner clicks existing, the trigger navigates to the page with the assessment (and unhides if necessary).

Hope that helps! Cheers-Sam

Thanks for your help we use the the menu contents items for our introductory page. could you advise if there is a way to add something so the logic page before that?


Hi @Emmac009 - I think that’s a bit too tricky. You could have a logic dialog appear on course load, but you couldn’t stop it appearing every time the user entered the course, and it wouldn’t provide the button’s to determine what content the learner saw. It would have to be done on an intro page really, which the user would have to navigate to from the menu. The only other alternative I can think of would be to have the course in one long page, without a menu.

Thanks Sam. its really helpful. i have managed to build it and include the logic which i’m quite chuffed about so far. i have created it so they show up on the main menu but then logic supports the options to hide once the course is underway. another quick question… i tried to include two quizzes within the course. a main quiz and a refresher quiz but the behaviours for the assessment seemed to apply to both and both quizzes are different. can you only have one quiz within a course do you know?

Well done Emma! I know from experience when I started working on Evolve that logic can be quite hard to get your head around at first, so that’s a brilliant effort.

You can only have one assessment per course - so does a learner have to pass both to in order to complete the course? What’s the learner journey? If one is not essential for completion, you don’t have to include all the questions as part of the assessment extension.

thanks again :slight_smile:

So if the learner is new to the course, they go through 3-4 modules and complete the course which has a quiz at the end. if a learner has done the course, they will click on the “I’ve done before” and the logic now takes them straight to the quiz. initially i was trying to build two quizzes for each option and not getting very far. now I’m thinking I’d be better keeping it the same and increasing the question bank so there is a mix of questions. I also need to link the logic to if they fail the quiz on the “ive done it before” option it opens up the course to complete and resets the quiz. (my head hurts now haha!)

Hi @Emmac009 , sorry for delay - that all makes sense, did you manage to successfully set up the logic for opening the course if they fail the quiz after selecting ‘I’ve done it before’?

Hiya, no problem. yes fixed that part but now if your new and completed the quiz the course doesnt mark as completed on the LMS - this is something i’m struggling to get around currently

So, you need course assessment enabled, you need to include all the relevant quiz questions in the assessment, and depending on whether logic is actually tied to completion, you want to the setting in Course Settings > Behaviour > Select How Your Course Should Set A Status to either be ‘Assessment Completion’ or ‘Logic Completion’ or ‘Logic Completion passed/failed’ - what I mean by logic being tied to course completion is if you have a trigger enabled that actually sets the course to complete or passed. If you just have logic triggers present in the course but they don’t set completion, then you just want to set ‘How your course should set a status’ to ‘Assessment Completion’.

If you DM me a link to your course I can take a look.