Duration icon on menu items


I have duration icons (as you can see in the screenshot included) on some of my menu items, but not all. I can’t find how to make a duration icon appear on ALL my menu items. Any help much appreciated!


@hbailey @Matt_Leathes Any ideas on the above? Your help would be most appreciated!

Hi Melissa, if you want to raise a Zendesk ticket via the evolve interface and include a link to your course, we can have a look. It’s a bit hard to diagnose from the screenshot. Go to the help and support link in the bottom left of the screen when you are on the courses page. Click Contact Support. Thanks

Hi Sam, thanks for that. Someone was able to help via the support desk.
I was hesitant to use the support desk as I had previously done this and been told it was only for technical issues.

Thanks Melissa, I think trying here first is a good shout, then zendesk if we cant resolve or advise here. It might be something simple, but without access to the course it’s very hard to tell sometimes.