Progress sidebar font size and hamburger menu

Hi there,

I’m having trouble with the hamburger menu. It displays as completely empty. I’m sure I’m missing something super basic - I’d be grateful if someone can please provide some info as to how this is configured.

Also looking for assistance with the font size in my progress sidebar. Where do I find the settings to make this smaller?

Thank you.


I think there might be two options why your hamburger menu is empty:

  1. the font color is the same as the background color (go check Theme > Navigation for the Navigation)
    or 2. your hamburger menu is empty - try activating an extension like ‘resources’ to check)

As for your progress sidebar, I think the option you’re looking for is available here: Theme > Extensions > Progress.
However I have to admit that changing the Progress Side Panel Text Style is working for me, so I might be wrong. You’d have to wait for an answer of the Evolve Team.

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Thanks for the assist ID3, good advice about the side bar menu - that populates with links to Extension pages, as you say - so for instance if you had say About or Glossary Extensions enabled, they would appear in the side nav.

For the font size in the progress Extension, in the Theme location ID3 mentioned you can adjust either the size of the title (Extensions > Progress > General > Progress Side Panel Title) or the size of the font if you have progress in Sticky Nav mode (Extensions > Progress > Appearance). I can’t currently see how to adjust the size of the items that display in the panel, but have asked my colleagues, and if there is a way, will post it here.

One thing to note - it looks like you have the progress extension set to display articles - you can set it to display components instead, and these display at a smaller font size (and show learners a more granular measure of their progress through a page)

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One of the Evolve devs just informed me that the individual entries in progress inherit the font sizes set for the course as a whole - so apologies, you can’t adjust the sizing independently.

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