Changing the defined Breakpoints in theme builder?

Hi there, I was just wondering if it’s possible to change the defined breakpoints in the theme builder? I’m working with Big font sizes for the desktop but they don’t work all the way down to the tablet size, I’d ideally want to move the breakpoint so it kicks in sooner.


I’ve had a good look through and can’f find it anywhere - I thought I had seen it but I may be thinking of when I used to use Adapt.

Did you get any help from support or find it yourself @creative-engine?

The breakpoints aren’t editable at the moment. Evolve uses the Desktop/Tablet/Mobile breakpoints to also completely change the UI and behaviour of certain Components and elements such as the Navigation bar so it might not be as simple as exposing the breakpoints in the theme editor. This is a nice feature however so we’ll be monitoring the interest in this.


Hello, what is the break point on tablet? My problem is I try to add difference font size on tablet and it does not working?

We have the same problem with the break points.
The breakpoints suggested by microsoft seem to be a good idea:

  • Small (smaller than 640px)
  • Medium (641px to 1007px)
  • Large (1008px and larger)

As you can see, the hotspot item in the right column moves above the checklist item. The break should happen way earlier. Is there a solution for this?