Tablet display on iPad Air

Hi all

The tablet resolution breakpoint is 768px, which is the common. Is there any work around for tablets with an 820px display, like the iPad air?

@Mitch if you need more advanced options for responsive layouts I would recommend selecting ‘open in learner view’ from the live preview menu then using the developer tools built into your browser to test different device sizes. All modern browsers have pretty comprehensive settings related to this; unsurprisingly Safari has the most options when it comes to replicating Apple device sizes.

Most browser developer tools typically also offer other useful advanced functionality like the option to simulate a slow connection speed aka ‘bandwidth throttling’

Useful links:

Thanks for your response Matt. That’s really useful.

I’m probably being a bit more basic in my thinking. A client has raised an issue with the layout on an iPad Air. As I understand it, the issue is a result of the Air’s 820px wide display, so modules will be viewed with the desktop theme settings. This causes issues with 2 and 3 column layouts in particular.

I was wondering if there’s a way to deal with this? Is it possible to change the breakpoint in evolve?

Oh I see. No, sorry there’s isn’t such an option.

Ok. Thanks for confirming.