Change the colour of bullet points


I may be missing something simple here, but I cannot locate where I select the colour for bullet points or numbered lists. Currently, there is no colour, therefore no visible bullet point.

Many thanks

Bullet and numbered lists are text formatted, not part of any article style. You should be able to highlight the text and change the color within in the component itself.

Hi Jenna

Thank you for your reply. I’ve tried this many times and changed the bullet type with no success, the bullet remains invisible in live preview.


Ah, ok. try this little work around. Select the text you want in the bullet list, click on “force left alignment”, then add the bullet points


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Thanks Jenna

I’ve tried your work around and unfortunately it still looks the same, the bullets don’t seem to want to be formatted to the text colour.

Anything new on this issue? I have the same challenge in using text components that have different font colors, so I want bullets to match. So far, the only workaround a colleague has shown me is to use a special character instead of bulleted lists, but then I have issues with alignment.


Has anyone got the answer to changing the colour of the bullet points please?

I have this issue too.


I think it works if you change the color in the article style. It doesn’t work if you change it in the text editor.
E.g., if you want the bullets to be white in a text component, change the body text for the article style you are using to white.


I think you’re on to something there, @jeregp!

Here’s a quick video with a workaround which may work for you to change bullet point colours…