Managing Bullet Styles within a Flow component

Hello Evolve community

I am using the flow component to describe the steps in a process and have set the background colours to alternate between light and dark. On the dark background I am changing the font colour to white, so that the text stands out. But the bullets in my list stay black. Any ideas about how to change the colour settings of bullets?



There was a similar query to this - you’ll need to use an article style where the text colour for the component items is set to white - not just the font within the text editor for that text.

Thanks Helen - let me go and try that out.

Hi Helen.

I’m working with @Jeremym on this project so thought i’d jump in and try and explain the state of play (hope thats ok)

The issue we’re having is the flow component seems to use the ‘Default Colours’ primary and secondary colours for the background alternating colours and the ‘Default Colours Body Text’ colour for the body text rather than any article style colours we could change for this article style.

For example if we wanted to alternate between:

  1. black background and white text on the first box
  2. white background and black text on the second

we could change the default colours to be correct on one of the flow items but not both as they all use the same default colours. So one of the sets of bullet points would be incorrect. (not to mention that having effects elesewhere! :slight_smile: )

It may be possible to overwrite which colours being used for the flow component, but i don’t think it uses any of the colours accessible in article styles / elements, unless i’m missing it (very possible!)

Does that make any sense? :smiley:


I think i get what you mean yes, but I’m sure there’s a way around it - is it a course you could send me a link to and I can access to take a look?

Hi @hbailey

Yes, I’ve sent you an email with the link in! :smiley:

Here’s a quick video with a workaround which may work for you…

Thanks! Thats a good workaround for short points, sadly I think most of ours are more like sentences so wont work, especially on mobile screens.

I thought an alternative could be to just remove the bullets and have sentences with hard returns to separate them. Not as elegant but works across all device sizes. :slight_smile:

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