Checklist Color

I have been exploring evolve and I cant still find where I can edit the checklist button colors without affecting other components’ color. I cant do this thru the default colors tab? As it affects other components… Where can I do this? Im looking at article styles but cant find it there neither. Any help is appreciated!

Hi Ezpz,

While trying to write this instruction, I think Article Styles do not fully work with the Checklist component as the only way to change the background colour of the Checklist buttons is to change this default colour (which changes the colour of much more than just the Checklist buttons background colour).

I was going to suggest the following, but it does not fully work. Just in case it is helpful, this is how I set up an Article Style for my checklist component.

You can create an Article Style for your checklist, like so:

Then select your Article and use this drop-down to set the Article Style here:

Then go back to the Article Style and change the colours here. However, this only changes the border of the checklist items and not the background colour, unlike how the article style suggests.

I also wanted to change the colour of the tick icon that appears on the checklist item, but that always remains white.

@hbailey Would you agree that the Checklist component is not properly styled by an Article style? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, Barry