Theming - Which article style does X component take from

Within article styles, which of the many setting does:

  1. The chart from the “confidence slider” component take from
  2. The “checkbox” component take from

A further ask - as this is not covered in the Theming guide or anywhere else really.

Has anyone compiled a list of each of Evolves components, and which settings we need to alter to affect them?

Would be wonderful to have this while theming, to take out the guesswork of the task.

Or, does anyone have a simple way to find out?


The Checkbox component consists of items, so the settings you want within your main theme, or the article style that you have applied to the article containing them, is “Component Items > Component Item Background Colours”


You will find that the Confidence slider line that the marker is pulled along is also linked to this setting, as is the border for the marker on the slider, which is controlled by the “Selected” setting.

The text for those items is in the same group of settings, under Component Item Text Colors.

We are already working on making the identification of these settings both in guide form and in practice much easier, but if anyone has made anything they would wish to share, then do let us know!

Thanks for the answer. It solved most of my challenges.

However, the element under the confidence slider doesn’t seem to take from the suggested places, see pictures. Would you also know where the “confidence 1/2” and the line on their left can be changed?