Accordion colours- cant set the text colour

Hi I know the accordion is a list and takes setting from there but I cant get the text colour to change to white, I think I have clicked every single options so far, help!!

If you have used List > Text Appearance in the main theme settings and that’s not in then check the following:

  1. It is most likely the Component Item Text Colours that you need to change in the main theme.
  2. Is there an Article Style on the Article? If so you need to change the Component Item settings WITHIN that Article Style.
  3. Has the text had a colour applied to it in the Text Editor for that individual Accordion item (and was then duplicated so they all have it)

If none of these work, Dm me a link to the course and I’ll take a look.

ahh I had the title colour text set at blue in the text editor, that fixed it :man_facepalming: thanks Helen!

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