Change Starting Number in Ordered Lists

Perhaps I’m missing how to do this. I am using an ordered list in a Text and Graphic component. I am starting the list in Item 1 and I want to be able to continue the list in Item 2. But of course it is starting over at “1” and I do not see a configuration option that allows me to modify the starting number so I can resume. Is it possible to do this?

Hi @b.allen could you possibly screenshot what you mean in the editor, just so we can make sure we understand what the problem is? Thanks-Sam

Here is an example of the configuration for the two items. What I want is for the Item #1 to start my numbered list with numbers 1 and 2. Then, I want the second item to be able to resume the previous list and continue with 3 and 4. Instead I get 1 & 2 and then 1 & 2 again. I want to break them apart so I can use different graphics for these items. I wouldn’t normally include the title in the second item or any other text. I would just want to resume the numbering. I included them here for illustative purpose.

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Thanks @b.allen I see exactly what you mean now. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible to have an ordered list continue across multiple items. I think the workaround would be just manually create the lists, or use an unordered list, or include all ordered list entries in a single item.