Card drop component blank after completion


It’s been brought to my attention that the Card Drop interaction looks very odd if you complete it and then revisit it on an LMS.

I guess this is similar to the MCQ issue where the answers and feedback are not shown when you revisit them.

Any ideas what can be done here?

A couple of ideas, both using logic triggers to let the user redo the interaction.

  • Event=Course Loaded, Action=Reset Component - Card Drop
  • Add a link or action button next to the card drop with Action=Reset Component - Card Drop on the click

That assumes you want people to redo it. Otherwise, have the feedback inline so it can be read on revisit.

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for this. We tend to add Reset buttons below the MCQ components, but doing a blanket reset of them all using a Course Loaded event is a great idea! Thanks for the pointer.