Card Drop - feedback

Hi all

Is it possible to give feedback for each individual card as it is dropped, rather than one size fits all? I would like to use it to give ‘supplemental info’ to go alongside the choice made…

Edit - I thought I should be more specific.
I have 15 cards. These can go in three drop zones. Each fits into one drop zone. I have set the cards to be rejected if they are dragged into the incorrect drop zone. What I’d like is for a card that is dropped in the correct zone to feedback something like - ‘Yes, that’s right. Bear in mind this, that and the other’.

Any thoughts welcome.



Hi Rob, I can see how they would be handy, unfortunately it’s not currently possible. I will raise with the team and see what they think.


If there were 15 card drop components and a bit of logic on an action button to show/hide the next card, it might deliver the experience you are after. I’d also add an action button to allow a reset. Oh! And show/hide doesn’t bookmark well (at least not in Workday), so another bit of logic to reset on course load would be needed.