Card drop boxes going off the screen

Hi there,

I’m creating a course and as part of it I have about ten cards (representing different ‘case studies’) that users will match with 6 different drop zones.

However, finding it difficult to get all the drop zones on screen when I am testing it (and I assume the problem would be worse with someone using the course on tablet/mobile). I’ve adjusted the card size, but ideally I’d like to make the drop zones a lot smaller so I can fit them on screen, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to do this without also adjusting the size of the cards.

I also tried ‘drag and drop’ component but I was still having a similar issue. Does anyone have any suggestions for this? I’ve searched but couldn’t find a similar query.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there, I think you’re right, there isn’t currently a way to change the height of the DZs in Card Drop. If you use Drag and Drop, there is a setting: Appearance > Compact Drop Zones that would help, but bear in mind if your course needs to be accessible, Drag and Drop isn’t suitable (which is why we made Card Drop). I will mention the drop zone size issue for Card Drop to our devs.

Thanks Sam :slight_smile: I think part of the issue is that my ‘case study’ answers are too long - so even if I switch to Drag and Drop and compact the drop zones, they still go off the screen once I’ve dropped the answers in so are not usable (I’ve switched to using MCQs instead as I couldn’t see a fix for this). It would be great if there was functionality for them to be piled on top of each other so they didn’t stretch the box they are dropped into, or to disappear once dropped (if that makes sense)! Thanks again for your response.

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