Editing drag and drop colour

Hi there, I’m using a drag and drop component but cant find all the styling options. Can someone please tell me where the option is to adjust the text, background and border colour of the drop zones? I’m using an article style and have managed to change the card colour but nothing seems to work for the zones.

Many thanks

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Hi Darkcurv,

The drop zones are transparent unless you add an image into them so if you want them to be a certain colour, make a plain colour image and upload that to each zone.

Text will be within Component Item > Text Appearance in your theme but this will affect ALL component items. If you want to just affect a Drag and Drop you will have to use an article style just on the article containing the drag and drop.

The Background is in the same location, the first item under “Appearance”, and the border takes it’s colour from the background.

Hope that helps

Thanks for the reply but this does work - well it works on the actual cards but the text colour in the drop zone doesnt change, nor does the border colour. One for support I think

Can you DM me a link to the page with the component in it please?

Hi, I’ve been chatting with Evolve support and there is no functionality to change the drop zone text and border colours as yet. The colour is taken from the component item colour as you mentioned but I was looking to control the drop zone styling independantly. Its on the feature request list now.

Thanks for your help

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