Card drop results

Hi all, I’m finding Card Drop a bit frustrating and I wondered if I’m missing something.

I have a card drop with 12 cards. After the learner drops them all and presses submit, they get their feedback, and a row of circular ticks and crosses appears to show which cards were right and wrong. However, this information isn’t very useful, because the cards have all disappeared and the learner has no idea which tick or cross refers to which card. Even if they have another attempt, it’s unlikely that they’ll remember which ones they got right and wrong last time.

Am I missing something? This doesn’t seem very useful as it currently works. It would be great if, for example, the learner could click on a cross and see which card/drop-zone it corresponds to.

Thanks all

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Hi there,

I asked the same question a few months ago, so I can answer this one:
Unfortunately, there is no option for immediate, individual feedback on a single card drop in the card drop component.

Would still love to see this feature in a future update.

Thanks id3. That would be a helpful feature indeed, but it’s not quite what I mean.

What I’m asking is how the learner can tell which cards they put in the right place. That doesn’t need to be immediate, it can wait until the end, and it doesn’t need to be per-card feedback. It just needs to indicate which cards were right and which were wrong.

Hi Daveybond,

I have passed this on to the development team and they are considering this. Thanks for the feedback and the suggestion!

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We’ve encountered the same thing. Our workaround is to include a table in the feedback showing the correct sorting of the drag items.