Card drop component: Is it possible to hide reset button and result icon/ show feedback button?

I like this component, not only for a quiz, but as well for exploratory learning:
I use it with the setting: Should drop zones reject incorrect tabs = Yes. In this case the user gets immediate result, and the result is always correct since the user can not drop a card into the wrong drop zone.
If I understand it correctly, the reset button only becomes active when cards are assigned incorrectly.
This can not happen with the “reject setting”.
Can the reset button/ show feedback as well as the result icon(s) be hidden?
If I understand correctly, their function and meaning is completely functionless or meaningless with this setting.
Am I getting something wrong here?

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It’s a bit tricky because this component is set to be a ‘true’ question not an exploratory one but if you were to set

  • Behavior > Attempts to 1 this will remove the ‘reset’ button
  • Behavior > Question Marking to Hide that will remove the result icons and score display
  • Feedback > Display feedback inline that will remove the ‘Show Feedback’ button. You can either leave the correct feedback blank or just make it some sort of generic instruction like ‘Now you have explored all the options, move on to…etc’

You’ll still see a tick appearing in the feedback area, if you want to remove that you can create an Article Style in the theme editor that has Component Inline Feedback > Feedback Icon Styles > Component Inline Feedback Icon Correct Color set to transparent.

Appreciate this might not be perfect but it’s as close as I can get!

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Perfect! That did the job!
Thanks a lot for this quick reply!