AutoSave reverts cursor to beginning of text box if idle for 2 seconds

While editing a text box - if I am idle for too long, the cursor reverts to the beginning of the box instead of staying where I have it. It seems to be linked to the document Autosaving that reverts the cursor back to the beginning of the text box. Is there a way to disconnect the two functions from occurring?

I have noticed that this happens in the new UI, whilst editing some of the fields in Course Settings > General (specifically those text fields that allow for formatting). But I’m not aware of it happening anywhere else… if you have seen it happening elsewhere please let us know details (and whether it’s in the old or new UI)

Hi Matt!

It is happening in the new UI in any Text Box that can be edited/formatted.

That’s very odd, I’m not seeing that happen at all - except in the Course Settings.

Just in case it’s something browser-specific: what browser are you using?

I’m so sorry! I conflated two issues. Yes you are correct, it’s only occurring in the Course Settings text boxes.

The Internet browser that I use is Google Chrome. The messaging system needs me to have 20 words so I am just writing this sentence to ensure this gets to you.

Hi Andrew,

I believe this was resolved in Evolve 9.1.4.

Can you confirm it is no longer happening for you?