Assessment Breakdown question order differs from quiz

Hi all,

I’ve created an assessment that consists of 10 pages, each with a question component that draws randomly from a question bank of 30 questions. When the user answers a question, it jumps to the next question page, until all 10 pages/questions have been answered, then I’m using the Course Assessment extension to display their results.

I’ve noticed that the order the questions appear in the Assessment Breakdown page is different to the order in which they appeared when answering them. So, for example, on the breakdown page, the questions would appear in the following order

  1. Question 9
  2. Question 7
  3. Question 1
  4. Question 2
  5. Question 3
  6. Question 4
    1. Question 6
    1. Question 5
    1. Question 10
    1. Question 8

I’ve tried looking for some sort of pattern (I initially thought it was displaying them in question bank order) but the order in which the questions are displayed on the breakdown page seems completely random.

Has anyone come across this and knows how to change it, as ideally the Assessment Breakdown page would display the questions in the order they were answered.



Hi @andyontrack - this has been raised before and, when I looked into it at the time, determined that it’s not possible.

IIRC I did dig into the code to see what it would take to allow for this but couldn’t see anything straightforward.

I’ll log it as a feature request though as obviously it isn’t ideal