Add an Email Notification to Course Owner when Reviewers Add Comments

It would be helpful if there was a preference added so that course owners can receive email notifications when a reviewer adds new comments to a course so that we do not have to manually check our reviews in Evolve to see if someone has left comments. A daily summary type email notice would work.

I currently have to either keep checking Evolve reviews, wait for my reviewers to tell me they finished reviewing, or ping my reviewers directly for a status. With a lot of courses in various stages of development, this feature add would save time.


This would be really useful during the review cycles

I would find it extremely useful to have this. With so many apps I use throughout the day, it’s tedious to have to keep checking in each application for feedback on my content. Please implement this !!!

Go to My Settings under your profile > Preferences tab and there are a host of email comments and notification settings there. Do these do what you need?

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No I’ve looked at all of the preferences and have all them turned on. Seems like I’d have to be explicitly named by the reviewer in a particular comment in order to be notified. My reviewers don’t do that.

Even if there was a per Review toggle on the review screen, that would be helpful, so you could selectively decide when you wanted to be notified for review comments or not.

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Thanks for the clarification! I’ll pass this on.

That would be a really useful update, especially if several modules are being updated ready for release at the same time (e.g. annual mandatory training)


This would be an extremely useful update.

I currently have 10+ modules in review across two different Evolve instances. I check them regularly to see if comments have been added and ask clients to email me when they have completed review. I have had clients, who have purchased their own Evolve instances on my recommendation, quiz me on how they can be notified on their own internal reviews as well.