Cant see comments on review

Hi I have shared a course for review an have received comments, however when looking at the course in live preview mode AND having the show comment on preview enabled I still cant see comments/ there is no number shown in the blue boxes to indicate comments.

Have I missed something? do you have to end the review for the comments to show?

Hi James,

you don’t need to end the review to take a look a the comments.

Have you checked the comment overview? Open a course in editing mode and check the little speechbubble icon on the upper right corner.

Hi yes i see the comments there but not in the preview or linked to the items in the course


but the comments dont show on the preview, see below example


Hi there,

it seems your reviewer used the ‘review overview’ function to comment on the course.

Reviewer can leave comments in two ways:

  1. They click on a blue box that belongs to an article/block/component
  2. They use the overview function located at the bottom of the screen.

If they use the overview function, Evolve has no way of knowing which article/block/component the reviewer is addressing.
Your reviewers need to use the blue box if you want to know which part of the course they’re addressing.
A comment made with a blue box looks like this - it has a “view article/block/component” link.


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ah brilliant thanks, didn’t see that covered in any of the guides (probably skim read them!)