Our next release: 10.5!

We have some very exciting changes coming to Live Preview in our next release, so we have prepared an information page for you, so you can be ready to make full use of the features.

As ever, we’d love to hear your feedback on these changes, either comment on this post or submit via the page itself. Enjoy!

Looks good Helen, thanks for sharing and for all the hard work!

I do have one small suggestion - We’ve found people rarely mark their review as ‘passed’ because they don’t really know what that means. Perhaps something along the lines of ‘I’ve finished my review’ might be a more intuitive label?

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Thanks @Ruppers that was also my feeling, so I will repeat this as a suggested amendment again with your input.

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Thank you very much for this update! I like the new functionality in Preview, especially the Aria and alt text indicator, which makes spotting missed or incomplete tags much easier.

I’d like to offer feedback on the comments bubbles. “Add Article Comment” “Add Block Comment” and “Add Component Comment” mean absolutely nothing to my reviewers and this will be confusing. SMEs do not understand Evolve’s page structure and articles, blocks and components are too much information, which I know I will receive questions on. Is there any other way these can be presented?


Thanks @agorgon - yes I think that reviews will get some attention in the near future too so we will gather this feedback to direct that.

Hi Beverley,

No, nothing has changed in terms of adding comments - we haven’t removed any functionality only added it.

The boxes look a little different now for clicking to add comments onto individual items - is that what they mean?

Take a look at the images and videos on https://experience.intellum.com/student/activity/1602627-evolve-10-5-release#commenting-and-reviews-3 and share this with your reviewers - this should help them.

Thank you for your quick response. Greatly appreciated!! The link is broken fyi

Oh I’m sorry about the link! Try https://experience.intellum.com/student/page/1602617-evolve-10-5-release and go down to the Comments and Reviews section.

Helen - Just so you know, we use the share link for SMEs to provide feedback. Now with this update, it has impacted over 100 courses, broken all share links, and it has caused a great deal of confusion and rework. The ripple effect of updates should probably be considered so that for every good feature you add, it doesn’t impact others negatively. Not sure if this can be fixed. Thank you

Hi @Beverly_Chasse , I’m really sorry to hear you have been having problems - could you DM me a couple of examples of links that aren’t working? We did specifically test that existing share links/review links would still work after the update.

i will reply to your email

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Pardon me for posting this here.

The new Live Preview feature is fantastic! However, I think I’ve encountered a bug. I’m experiencing a 2-3 second delay when making edits to the course, and sometimes the edits don’t refresh in Live Preview at all. In these cases, I have to refresh the browser manually, which takes me back to the first page of the course. I’m not sure where or how to report this bug, but I hope it gets fixed soon.


Hi @dnguyen.mtv thanks for the info - is this something you have only seen happen since the live preview update? Does it happen consistently?

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@Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA Yes, it has happened frequently and consistently since the new Live Preview. As you can see, the new comment also has a bug. It doesn’t show the number of comments (see image).

I’m using the latest Chrome.


I am seeing an issue with the new comments icon where it covers the first number of text characters in many components. Because it’s not transparent, there is no way for my reviewers to know what the text is underneath it. It’s Body Text fields and this also occurs with some Display Text fields. My only workaround is to indent the display text or first sentence several spaces.

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Thank you for the info.

They can turn comments off momentarily using the comments menu to read the wording and then pop them back on again when they want to resume commenting.

@dnguyen.mtv seeing the number of comments is working for me in preview and in the editor. The only time it wont have a number is the first time its been opened while comments are being added:
Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 09.17.01
Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 09.17.17

Would you mind DMing me the link to your instance so I can investigate the issues you are having with Live Preview?


Thanks Helen, I will add those instructions to my reviewer requests.

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I think it might be bug but the new Show/Hide Comments Toggle is getting annoying. :grin: It keeps toggling the feature on/off when I press control+c, or command+c, or just “c”.

It is supposed to toggle when you press ‘c’ - but not when combined with a ‘modifier’ key such as CTRL or CMD. Will get that fixed.