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Is there any way that I can control what email notifications are sent to my reviewers?

I’ve set up a course for review, and reviewers have left comments. I can work through those comments and resolve them as I go, but I know that every time I resolve a comment the reviewer will get an email notification. Now my reviewers are happy enough to leave the comments, but they really don’t want or need to know every time I address one of them. I can’t see any way to turn off or suppress these notifications.

Does anyone know how I can spare my reviewers these emails?


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You can walk users through changing this setting in their own account but I don’t think there is a way to do it for them.

Totally agree it would be better if we could control for this. Replying to comments is really useful as an audit trail but nobody needs that level of spam!

Thanks Ruppers, that’s what I feared. I think I’ll keep a separate log of comments and tick them off there instead!

I can see that the notifications would be useful for teams of co-creators, when one editor needs to know when another editor has made a change. But less so for your standard reviewer.

Hi both, currently it’s not possible to set which emails are sent related to reviews, but we are looking to update the whole review process fairly soon and make it much simpler, so look for more news on this soon.

Thanks Sam. I must say I am impressed at the way Evolve keeps on, well, evolving.

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Thanks @daveyboond, feedback like that is really appreciated. We are a small team but absolutely passionate about making Evolve as good an experience as possible for everyone.

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