Adding a review for a non-Evolve user


I assigned a course to someone who did not have Evolve license. As a first time user, he got a registration link from Evolve, however, he did not register at that time. Now, when he is trying to register, he is getting error. Just wanted to check if the registration link is sent to a user only once?


Hi Joy,

The invitation to review emails contain an access token that deactivates after 24 hrs. I think it’s for security reasons; it’s frustrating it’s not a long time period. The invited person can use the forgot password option to resend a new access token. Or delete them and redo their invite with a note to complete registration within 24 hrs.

There are other ways around it. Sometimes, I set up the user using my email, go through the onboarding on their behalf, and then edit the user to change the email to theirs. It’s not the best though as I end up accepting T&Cs on the reviewer’s behalf.

The other option is to use something like I find it better than Evolve’s review tool because comments can be pinned anywhere, including on hidden items. And reviewers don’t need to sign up, they just have to give their name.

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As Andy said but it is a 72 hour window.

You can also just send people a link to the course preview as long as you have set the course to allow sharing of the Live Preview. There is more about this in the Tips and Tricks guide available from the Evolve Hub. But they can only view that way, not comment.