Sharing a course for Review

I have a few reviewers who do not have access to Evovle authoring tool. How do I share my course with them so that they can review and provide feedback.

Joy Mukherjee

HI Joy,

All reviewer roles are free in Evolve. Just add them to your account in the Admin Menu > Manage Users with their email address. We have an article on how to do this in the Knowledge Base too.

Might I recommend you take the Learn Evolve Level 1 course as it’s great for getting to know the tool and its capabilities. You can find it on the Evolve Hub. Enjoy!

Hi Joy,

What @hbailey says is certainly the way I’d recommend.

I can give a couple of alternatives, though. First, there’s a share preview option in the 3 dots in the new interface. It’ll let people see the course outside the review portal but makes any feedback a manual process.

Second, you can publish the course, stick it on AWS and put the URL into Or even use the share preview link mentioned in the first option. has a couple of advantages, reviewers don’t need to create an account, they just need to type their name, and comments can be pinned anywhere, including on hidden items such as popup reveals.

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