How to have a colleague view course offline

I have a colleague that would like to view a course. I published it using the “Offline” function. I assumed that opening the course by clicking on the index.html file would do the trick but to no avail (tried various browsers). I’m relatively new to Evolve, so am I missing something here? How can I have a college view the course once they have exported the zip package on their laptop? Thanks for the help.


unfortunately I can’t help you with offline reviewing, but did you know you can invite reviewers to your Evolve courses?
They’d have to sign up (for free), but afterwards you don’t need to mail them a zip package.

Hello Christopher!

As id3 says yes, use the review function and they will be taken to the course to look at it. More advice at Review & Comment on Evolve Courses : Intellum

There is another way - you can turn on sharing for a course and just send them a link to the course without adding them as reviewers. For info on how to do this - check the Tips and Tricks guide from the Evolve Hub - Evolve Learning Hub : Intellum

Let me know if you need any help!