"500 attempts remaining" MCQ Attempts Bug?

Hi All

Anyone encountered this before? This seems to be course specific as I can’t replicate this on another course but this does happen across every MCQ on my course.

Below are the settings for this question. You can see on the right that the counter shows 500 attempts even if the attempts are marked at 0.

If the attempts are marked a 1, the counter still shows 500 attempts avalible.

We are trying to have someone have one attempt at the questions.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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Hi there!

Just to be sure please check under Course Settings > Questions > Attempts and make sure that “global number of question attempts” at the bottom hasn’t been turn on and set to 500?

Fixed it! Thanks hbailey!

As I inherited this build I wasn’t aware this had been set, nor was I aware that this setting existed so i’ve learnt something new today!

Appreciate it

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