What happens after MCQ final attempt?

I have some MCQ included in a training and want to better understand how they function. Scenario: An MCQ component is set up with 3 attempts, and the user has incorrectly answered the question 3 times.

Now, what happens? Is the user stuck on that question and unable to progress through the rest of the training? When I tested this out, it seems like is the behavior. Once of our users also reported this behavior. Is there any way to improve the user experience?

Also, is the user allowed to start the training again, or does that depend on other settings?

Hi there, it’s dependent on a number of other factors. Under normal circumstances, If it’s just a single MCQ, that isn’t part of an assessment, the user’s progress won’t be impeded if they use up their attempts answering incorrectly, They will just see whatever is set as the final incorrect feedback in the component.

It sounds like there’s a more complex set up in the course you are referencing - but it’s hard to diagnose without more specifics. If that MCQ is part of the Course Assessment extension, you can set the behaviour around what happens when the assessment is completed (e.g. you can allow retakes, etc). If the MCQ has been set to reveal hidden content when answered correctly, that might be why your user can’t progress.

Hope that’s of some help!

That information helps a lot. Thanks Sam!

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