Word limit per character in dialogue component?

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I want to do several snippets of conversation between characters, maybe as part of a branching exercise. But the dialogue isn’t as pithy as I’d like - if I use the dialogue component, is there a word limit per line of dialogue/character entry?

Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA - just hooking you in case you can swiftly advise! Many thanks

No word limit no, you could use Dialog or Branching for this, or even Infographic to make your own animated conversation if you feel you have the time!

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Thanks so much! Are there any live examples of infographic or branching using Evolve? I’ve seen the dialogue component but not the others in practice.

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Can one use the dialogue component as part of sort of branching/MCQ scenario as follows

Bit of dialogue - pause - question with two options - global feedback - continue - more dialogue

etc for 3 rounds

Can dialogue be used in this way?

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Hi, no, afraid not, The dialogue component doesn’t have that level of interactivity. You could have dialogue/mcq/dialogue/mcq etc but you could only really make it branching with a very complicated logic trigger set up that would be laborious to set up and maintain

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Thanks very much for swift response, Sam.

Hi Jo,

No sadly Dialogue is only for user step-through or timed conversations. Branching does the questions but not as “conversational” as the Dialog. I would suggest you look at infographic or even Simulation for making something this customised.
Check them out on examples page: https://experience.intellum.com/student/activity/764889-content-authoring-with-evolve#/page/62fe40c2c4477609a4871fcc