Accessibility of Narrative

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I read the post about accessibility of branched scenarios. My team has a lot of questions about the accessibility of Evolve components, so that provided some helpful information. We are hoping someone could provide some similar information about the Narrative component? Specifically, why exactly is it deemed not accessible? Is there a way to configure it so that it is accessible?

Matt mentioned it taking some time to put together documentation about all the components, but this is one my team uses a lot, so it’s of immediate concern to us. Thanks for any insight.

Hi @RobinS, we didn’t include the Narrative in the list of accessible components because we feel narrative interactions (not just in Evolve) aren’t the best experience for screen reader users. The user can successfully navigate through the content and access everything, it’s just the order in which the content/navigation are accessed isn’t the most helpful. The user sometimes has to navigate backwards to get to content on a new slide. So you need not worry that the user is going to face a blocker, just might have to do a bit more navigation than necessary. We would suggest using a Tab component as an alternative where possible.


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Thanks for the info, Sam. We use the Tabs interaction as well, but just want variety in interactions and presentation of content.

Can you provide some insight about the Flow Chart interaction? It seems very similar in function to the Narrative, except it presents text/images in a vertical navigational flow rather than horizontal. Does that component present fewer screen reader issues?

Hi @RobinS yes, it works well. This was one of the components audited by ADA Online and certified as accessible. One thing we would recommend is this setting is toggled on, as you can see here: