Why flipcards should only contain small chunks of content. If you have more than a sentence consider using the Text Reveal (it allows for more content)

Unfortunately this isn’t something we can control in Evolve as it’s down to the natural behaviour of responsive design. However, looking at your component it would seem a better use case for this content is the Text Reveal component. This gives exactly the same effect of clicking an image to reveal more, however the text is either displayed next to the image or in a popup.

Here’s a little detail on why we built the Flip Cards component:

Flipcards are best used when the revealing text is one short sentence as it’s used to increase semantic memory - imagine flip cards with flags of countries and the text on the back being the capital cities. It becomes a relation between the image and the content on the back.

Here’s a great video of using both the Flip Cards and Text Reveal component: